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Cisco AC1900 C6300BD Integrated Router?

I went to enable the parental controls since they showed up on the control panel but when I clicked on it the app said there was no router present. Does this unit have a router build in? If so, why can't I get to the parental controls?


Joe Hansen, 

Mesa, AZ

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    The modem that you are using does have router capabilities, being able to connect multiple computers/devices via ethernet and wireless connection. What were you looking for specifically? Did it say you were not connected to a network? Do you see you wireless network name on the list of available connections?
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    Derrick, Netgear routers and gateways come with Parental Controls using OpenDNS.  Netgear has an app for iOS, Android, Windows and MAC to help with configuration but basically all it does is change the router's DNS settings to OpenDNS and configures the OpenDNS parental controls option.

    Joe, did you create an OpenDNS account?  You will need one if you want to use Parental Controls. Are you saying you downloaded the app and it is telling you it can't find your router?  For step by step instructions, see pg 29-31 in the manual here.