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Cisco 9865HDC dvr live rewind question.

No problem with unit but a question about unexpected and hard to conceive action. We have noticed that at times when pausing live TV that we can backup much longer (up to hour) than channel was originally tuned. Other times can only backup to point channel was originally tuned, which is understandable.

Can anybody explain how this occurs? No complaints about rewinding some channels further than time originally tuned, just curious as we have not been able to identify any pattern.

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  • Don318

    Hi, the cable box that you currently have is a 6-tuner DVR. If you are going back and forth between 2 channels only, you can go back as far as you had tuned in previously to the previous channel, up to an hour. Once you change the channel away from one of the 2 channels that you've been tuned in to, the channel will not be able to be backed up to an earlier time. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

    Stephanie S.
    Cox Forums Support Moderator