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Cisco 9865 Issues

Hello All,

We have a whole home DVR 6 setup using a Cisco 8865 with Contour (not the newer Contour 2) as the main box. It developed issues and in chats with Cox they confirmed they see an issue with the box on their end. It works on many channels, but there are also many channels where we just get the Cox Contour logo and then a message saying it could not tune to the channel. Since the main box was the one we use most, I did swap it out with a satellite box from another room.  The Cisco 9865 exhibited the same issues while the satellite box worked fine in the old location of the 9865. That confirmed for me the issue was not our indoor wiring but rather with the box.

Cox has said we need an appointment, so I have a bunch of questions.

1.) They have said the appt. would be free. Is that correct?

2.) The second chat sad they could transfer recorded items from the old box to the replacement box, again at no cost. Is that correct?

3.) Do I REALLY need an appointment? If I got the exact same box as replacement, since everything is already set up and working, can't I just plug and play the new one - understandably losing our recordings in the process? For me, the convenience would be worth it.

4.) If  i do get the appt., would they replace it with the same, or is an upgrade to Contour 2 possible? Since we already pay for DVR 6 service, the cost should be the same, corrcet?

7.) If we CAN upgrade to Contour 2 at no cost, do any users have opinions on that? Is it worth it?

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    I would like to answer your questions in the order that you sent them.

    1.) There would not be a charge for an issue on Cox's end. As you have tested the cable box & the issue appears to be with the equipment, there would not be a charge for that.

    2.) We are unable to transfer your recorded shows to another cable box. Once we swap out the equipment, the programs you recorded would be lost to you.

    3.) If you would prefer, you may take the cable box to your local service center to have them swap it out for you.

    4.) The tech would swap out the equipment for the same equipment you already have. You could upgrade to Contour 2 if you like. Please check out the following link for more information about this.

    5.) The Contour 2 service has most of the same features that you are accustom to with added benefits. Please check out the link above as well for more information on the upgrade.

    If you would like to either has us setup an appointment for a tech or have an account specialist reach out to you about upgrading, please send us an email to with your full name and address and we will set this up for you.