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CIsco 4742HDC

I asked a questions earlier and apparently I gave to much info regarding the issue because it was replied to and then locked by Moderator, Michaelj. My 'TECHNICAL' question is, (I will underline it, since it was hard to spot in the original post).... Should the Contour service be supported on the Cisco 4742HDC? Since I am being billing for it and billing says that it is a technical issue I figured I would start on this forum before contacting support. I was under the impression this forum was to discuss the most common technical questions with the Cox Community, not just the Cox Moderators, at least that is what the forum home page suggested. Please, do not lock my question. I would like the opportunity to respond to replies if need be. I'd sincerely appreciate it!

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  • Hi LCTorres,

    The Cisco Explorer 8742HDC DVR and the Cisco Explorer 4742HDC are considered Contour receivers because they use the Contour 1 on-screen programming Guide. There is no difference in price for standard digital receivers, HD receivers, or DVRs, regardless of the video platform they use (Rovi, Contour 1, or Contour 2). If you are considering downgrading to the mini box, keep in mind that the mini box only provides channels in the Starter and Essential tiers. Premium channels and channels in the Variety Pak, Movie Pak, or Sports Paks are not supported on the mini box.