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In my workshop I have no cable outlet but my wifi allows me to watch contour2 on my ipad.  I bought a small flatscreen for the workshop.  It use to work during college playoffs with no problem. This time when  I connected my Ipad directly to the tv using the hdmi, received a security error that my device was not authorized.  

I then tried using my firestick, no problem.  Then I tried my sons chromecast, no problem.  What the ***?  I WANT to use contour but apparently will not work unless you pay for a cable box.  This is just foolish on the part of cox.  If this turns out to be another cox money grab I may have to consider a switch to Direct.

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    At this time the Contour app license doesn't permit casting of any kind which is why you're getting the error. Given your situation it may be best to look into having an outlet installed in that location.