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Checking Modem Compatibility Questions

Hey there,

So I'm looking to get a new modem, because the one I have now has serious problems (not sure if I need a db check or if its the modem), but I'm just gonna get a new modem anyways. I saw on the Cox Preferred Modems page a list of compatible modems, but hey all have the package names that are required next to them. I only have Cox for internet so I'm not really sure if I have a package, or what is eligible with what. 


Here's what I have:

My account says I'm using "Cox High Speed Internet" as my only plan.

I currently have a Netgear DOCSIS 3.0 N300 (DN6300P)

I've been having issues with the internet ever since I switched to a Dual Channel Modem


I'm not exactly sure what I should be doing in terms of router purchasing that would be compatible with my plan. It just seems weird that my plan says I can get speeds of 150mbps but I'm still referred to get a Dual Channel Modem, seems like too little power to be putting into a dual modem. 


Anyway, thanks for reading, was hoping someone could sort this out and make it a bit clearer to me. 

EDIT: A modem that I really like but don't know it's compatibility is the Motorola MB7420

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    If you plan says "speeds of 150Mbps", you have the Premier level.

    I think you are confused by a cable modem, router and gateway.  A gateway is a device that combines the cable modem and router into one box.  There is no such thing as a "Dual Channel Modem".  The DN6300P is a gateway.  It is dual band as it's internal router supports both the 2.4 and 5GHz WiFi bands.  Since it's wireless "n", your WiFi speeds will be limited to well under 100Mbps, it can do the full 150Mbps wired.  You want a dual band router, the fastest WiFi available is wireless ac on the 5GHz band.  For Premier, you want a DOCSIS 3 modem with a minimum of 8 channels down and 4 up.

    If you want to troubleshoot, maybe post a little about the issues you are having.  What speed do you get wired directly to the gateway with a gigabit connection?