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Checking Internet speed?

How do I appropriately test my internet speed? And what are realistic expectations?

The wireless icon at the bottom of my Lenova laptop indicates 130Mbps. When I run an actual ping speed test at, I get a download speed of about 20Mbps and an upload speed of about half that. I'm paying for 'Premier' Cox service that advertises speeds up to 150Mbps.



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    Realistic expectations with Premier service, that depends on how you are connected .....

    Wired Ethernet using cat-5e or cat-6 cable and gigabit ports, you should get the full 150+ Mbps
    Wired Ethernet using 100Mbps ports, you will be limited to <100Mbps.
    WiFi using 5GHz ac wireless you can get the full 150+ Mbps.
    WiFi using n wireless, realistically, 40 to 80 Mbps depending on distance, band, and interference.  Could even be less.
    WiFi using g wireless, about 20Mbps.

    What modem/router or gateway are you using?  Speedtest dot net is fine for testing.  True test of the cable connection is wired directly to the modem/gateway with gigabit ports.  You can also test using a link on Cox Internet Tools page.  Please post your setup and results if you want to debug.  Thanks