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Charges they can't explain

Any body every dealt with that little smart azz that works in the San Tan cox office in Arizona. Been with COX now for three months and it have been a constant nightmare. Billing is never right and keep getting charges on my phone line that the people in cox store says I can't access your phone account that would be illegal and I can't do anything illegal. That is what was told to me today at San Tan and he took pleasure in saying that because of the smirk he had on his face. Went on line to try to figure it out no luck there called tech support that cox had listed and again no help there could not even tell me where to begin to look only to call back and talk to billing in the morning. I think I will have to eat the early term fee and drop them. this is just not a good impression that they left.

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    This is a technical forum. If you have billing issues call them.

  • I truly apologize for the frustration you've experienced while trying to understand the phone charges on your bill. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 specifically mandates the privacy and protection of customers’ personal telephone records and related account information. We can only discuss telephone call details and charges with an authorized account holder, and he or she must be able to verify the Cox PIN or provide the answer to the Secret Question saved on the account. If you are an authorized account holder but do not know the Cox PIN or the answer to the Secret Question, we can verify your identity when you present a government-issued photo ID at a Cox Solutions Store.

    If you are an authorized account holder and can verify your Cox PIN, my team may be able to assist you and answer your questions. Email a copy of this post, along with your full name and address, to