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what happened to the chiller channel. One of my favorite ones. Is this the start of a trend. My last cable network started doing this and then before you knew it they were out of business. Should I start looking for another provider?

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    Hi routers,

    I can understand your disappointment with the channel no longer being available on the Cox lineup. I do see that Chiller is still available via PlayStation Vue.

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    why did cox drop chiller channel nationwide I could see if it was the network itself closing down like soapnet, but chiller is still broadcasting.  Will we see a decrease in the bills since it's dropped, or a replacement channel?

  • Hi Andrew,

    It is my understanding that NBCUniversal made the decision to discontinue the Chiller channel due to low ratings. NBCUniversal has been streamlining their cable portfolio, as demonstrated by their decision to discontinue the Cloo and Esquire channels earlier this year.