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Channels that are temporarily off the air

 Why are two thirds of the channels showing that they are temporarily off the air? It's not just cable channels it's local as well. This problem needs to be fixed. Looking online on the forum it appears that it may be nationwide. What's going on Cox? 

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    Can't get Channel 2 or 1002, which are showing the Golden Globes.  Those stations have been several hours behind all day, now they are completely gone. Ugh!  Cox says they are trying to fix it. 

  • Kathryn D,

    I wanted to follow-up with you about this error. Are you home now to verify the channels are coming in fine on all TVs in the home? If there are still troubles, please email us your address and name to



    Are you getting an error message on channels 1002 and 02? Are these channels listed in the interactive guide menu with guide data? If these channels are black, I would recommend unplugging the power to the receiver for 20 seconds, and check back after the reset has finished. If no fix, please message us back with your findings. Thanks.