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Channels temporarily off air message

 I regularly get this message on channels 1070, 1330, 1331, 1328 and have to unplug to get them which works most of the time?

I have had techs out 3 times but still happens? Been with cox since 1993 hate tom move to dish.


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  • That could be either a signal issue or an issue with the box itself. Does this only happen on one of your cable boxes?

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    This happens to me with my Contour 1 DVR when i turn on the DVR.  I can get it to go away by changing channels.  When i immediately go back to the "off air" channel, it is working fine.  If you switch from 1070 to 1071; then back again, what happens?

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    I am using a splitter.  Techs have tried and failed 3 times. What next?