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Channels I have?

Where do I get a list of channels associated with my subscription and how do I limit those channels to what my remote displays? Nothing infuriates me more than trying to see something, but then find out I have to subscribe to more channels to see something.

Where is a list on the Cox site that specifically covers what is in my package? What are the packages available and what do they display?

Thank You!

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  • Hello relambrecht,

    You may access our Cox TV Lineup by visiting our website here:

    Once you're at the site, you may need to enter your zip code at the top right, then click 'Check This Area'. Once the site refreshes, you'll see a link you can click to view a PDF. This will show you all the channels in our Cox TV Lineup.

    If you want to see what you're subscribed to, you can sign in to the Cox Website with your primary Cox credentials (username and password). Click 'My Account', then click 'My Bill Overview', and you may view your billing and subscription information over PDF.