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Channels coming up out of service

Over the past month several channels have been showing up as out of service.  One channell went blank as I was watching it and went to the "Not Availabe at this time. check back later." message.  The number of channels changes daily and seems to be increasing.  Sometimes the regular channel is out and sometimes the HD version is out.  Sometimes both are out.  I keep checking to see if there are any issues but none are ever listed.  What is going on?

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    Hi Lloyd,

    Do you know if there are any splitters connected to the cable line coming from the outlet going to the back of the modem? If so, I recommend bypassing the splitter and connecting directly from the outlet to the back of the receiver to see if that helps.

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    Had same problems two weeks ago.

    After a long wait for tech visit and an whole day tech working their solution was to replace all the Motorla Boxes with the Cisco Boxes.

    That worked for 2 weeks, no I'm having different problems.