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Channel setup on Magnavox MDR865H/F7 HD DVR/DVR recorder with digital tuner

This is a connectivity issue. I was given a Magnavox model mdr865h/f7 HD DVR/DVD recorder with digital tuner that I cannot get to load channels during setup: I select the cable option for loading channels, but  whether I am hooked up to the cox standard  top box or the cox mini box with coax connectors and also using HDMI, component, or composite (RCA RWY cables), connections the result is the same;  no channels. Internet search has provided no solution. A  review on of this unit had a review by someone who could not solve this problem nor, could he get cox to solve the problem . The unit powers up, the DVD player works but that is far as I can go.  If the problem is a systemic one, perhaps someone else has encountered this and has a solution to share. 

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    Now that Cox has gone all digital, that model DVR won't work with Cox cable.  The only inputs to the DVR are coax and composite (yellow/red/white), the other connectors (hdmi, component, etc) are all output only.  The coax input goes to a digital tuner inside the DVR, unfortunately, the coax output of both the minibox and standard digital set-top box is analog on channel 3 or 4.  Also, the digital signal straight off the cable is encrypted, that won't work either.  The minibox doesn't have composite output but a standard STB may.  If you have a box with yellow/red/white output, you can connect them to your DVR and record whatever channel the STB is set to, the manual isn't clear on how you do this, however.  You can also record over the air using an antenna or just use the device as a dvd player.  Sorry, based on the specs from Magnavox's website, that's the only way this unit will work.