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Channel mapping or online guide issues

On Contour 2 the online guide is showing several channels that are mapped elsewhere, and/or showing incorrect channel info for the number.  Example 85 and 86 are reversed (guide says 86 is ATV and 85 is LAFF--reality they are reverse).  Guide says 84 is LATV, but reality it is This TV., and so on.  Now that Cox is all digital, are these channels going to move up or disappear?

I prefer to use online guides, like Titan TV or Zap2it etc., and they are off on lots of channels, too.  They tell me its up to Cox to supply a correct channel listing.  Since Cox cannot seem to provide that info for their own guide on Contour, I doubt they can for the online sources either.  Titan is the only one I know of that allows the user to specify the channels and make their own list.  It is nice, but should not be necessary.

Cant someone in Phoenix carefully check the channel mapping and the guide lists for accuracy?  I know Tucson is Cox's evil step child, but c'mon guys.  You could always make our map the same as Phoenix's if you don't want to maintain two separate systems...

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  • Hi Old Jedi,

    I see what you're saying about Laff and Antenna TV. There's definitely a mismatch between the online channel lineup and the IPG. Channels 84, 85, and 86 are are examples of digital subchannels that belong to local broadcasters in your area. These channels are not affected by the transition to all-digital; they will remain in the lineup as long as they are provided by the broadcasters. I'll report the mismatch so we can get this corrected for you!