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Channel 2 NBC

Why COX get rid of NBC channel 2 in my area. Supposedly NBCW channel 9 is affiliate but DON'T have the same programs, only some. This is very upsetting. Specially the news. I always watched WESH TV, now is gone. I'm going to get rid of COX, tired of HD issues, paying for another box to watch HD channels and losing connection pretty often. 

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  • Hi Pamari58,

    As of 6/28/16, Cox can no longer carry the WESH-Orlando NBC feed in Gainesville due to FCC non-duplication requirements. WNBW is the primary NBC affiliate in Gainesville; programming is available on channels 9 and 1009. WESH is a secondary NBC affiliate. Due to the FCC non-duplication rules, two channels cannot broadcast duplicated programming. Unfortunately, this means that channels 2 and 1002 are no longer available. This change is outside the control of Cox. 

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    The NBC affiliate in Gainesville channel 9 don't have the same programming as WESH-Orlando NBC. They only carry prime time programming. If is out of Cox control, I definitely is going to drop Cox services because I don't like channel 9 during programming during the day before 8:00 PM when the prime time programming start. I also hate their news, only 30 minutes from 6:00 to 6:30 before Lester Holt and Nightly News start at 6:30 PM

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    during the day most of the programming is syndicated not NBC even owned WNBW could air some of those if viewers like you requested them next time they decide the non NBC programming.