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Changing Account Holder

Currently I live in a house with 3 other students. I am the account holder for our wifi, they pay me and I pay our bill. But this coming spring I will be moving out and subleasing my room to another student as I participate in study abroad. Is there a way to transfer our account from myself to one of the other roommates so they can still have the same service without me being attached to it. 

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    Hi samaw,

    Your roommate has the option to assume the account. We're unfortunately unable to discuss account specifics in a public technical forum. For more information or if you would like assistance with this, please email our team at Be sure to include your name, complete address, the last four of your SSN, and your issue.

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    Contact sales to discuss a change in responsibility (or whatever cox calls it - I think assumption of equipment?) - it's pretty standard in telecoms.  Or it may be retention that you need to talk to, not sure.