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Changing Accoounts

I was on someone else's Cox account as a secondary email user.  I now have my own internet service and want to access my account on line; however, every time I try, it takes me to the other person's account.  What can I do to remove myself from their account and be on my own account WITHOUT losing my email?

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    Hi Scarletthorses,

    Since your email address is a secondary on another person's account, they would have to authorize and release that email address. Once this is done, we can add it to become a primary email to your account. Please know that once the address is released, you will lose any emails that were tied to it.

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    Sounds like what ReneeG said is, once the address is released, all they can do is delete it from the old account & add it to the new one.  Deleting it from the old account will delete all email saved on it, if you don't have a copy, you will loose everything.

    Prior to moving the acct, I would install/use an email client, like Outlook or Thunderbird, add the account & download all emails to your PC.  POP3 will download the inbox or IMAP will give you access to all folders in webmail.  If you use IMAP, move all emails to be saved to an offline folder.  That will give you a copy so you won't loose anything when you move the account.