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Changes to Cox's webmail program

Why did Cox change their webmail program without conducting a survey of their customers? They made it more difficult to use and eliminated the easy way to save emails you want to keep for future referance.

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  • Hi HOT,

    What are you referring to as "the easy way to save emails"?

  • The 2GB limit is absurd (we get many emails that have attachments). Google has a 15GB limit and its free.

    The time it is taking to login to webmail then load page-after-page of emails to delete is again, absurd.

    Then you have to go to the Trash and wait countless minutes for the deleted emails to show up. Then you have to waste more valuable time loading page-after-page so you can actually delete them all.

    I thought, let me set up a rule in webmail that could do this for me ~ nope ~ no-can-do.

    You MUST allow us, your customer, to somehow allow webmail to AUTOMATICALLY delete emails as we approach the minuscule 2GB limit. There is no reason this should become a daily chore. AND IT IS A CHORE!

    We have 20 years worth of using Cox as our internet provider ~ if things don't change that will be coming to an end.

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    I do like the new Webmail layout -- the old version with gigantic COX logo and ads at the top left so little room for the email that you had to scroll to read every one.  The new layout is much more compact.

    One thing I don't like is that since the list of emails is now one long list instead of pages of 10 emails, "Select All" is useless since there is nothing I want to do to every single email in my Inbox.  I can sort by Unread/Read but I really want a selection for "only show unread" so I can use Select All usefully.  Android 6 Email app shows emails by "Today", "This week", "This Month" etc.  Select All only selects the ones in the current group, which works out well.

    The Sort by Conversations thought for many minutes then displayed no emails.  I want this to work like Firefox / Gmail. 

  • Jamie BC,

    This is an excellent suggestion. When I first open my inbox and choose the Select all box only 50 of my messages are selected by default. This may be more than you are looking to manage at one time so try this. After sorting, I can highlight the first message in a group, hold the shift key and scroll down to the last message I want to select and click it. This will select only this group of messages. Similarly, you can click individual messages while holding the Ctrl button if you are wanting to only select certain messages from the lost which can't seemingly be sorted together. This is just like you can do in third party email programs like Outlook.