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Certified Cable Modems

I am researching DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems that utilize eMTA (telephony) so I do not have to have a separate device for my Cox Telephone Service. 

Aside from the Cisco DPQ3212 cable modem, which is Cox certified, I am wondering if there are additional cable modems that Cox will allow to be used, or if other Cox customers are currently using for their Internet/Voice services at home.

I have found the following other modems that are not on the Cox "certified cable modem" list, but are DOCSIS 3.0 and do provide eMTA / telephony function that may be used for the Cox Voice Service:

Netgear C7100V

Arris TG1672G (listed as a "Gateway."  What's the difference between a cable modem and a gateway? The data is digital anyway, right?  No need to demodulate it to an analog signal anymore). 

Can anyone confirm if there are additional cable modems or gateways that are not "officially" on the Cox Certified Cable Modem list but are using them without issues?  Is anyone using the above modems in their home?

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    Gateways specifically refer to cable modems that also feature integrated wireless routers. These unites are available for a monthly rental fee. The 3212 you have now is a free rental so long as you have phone service. We are not able to activate customer owned eMTA's. Should you have any further questions let us know.

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    I have the same issue. I keep on losing my internet connection and Cox Tech support thinks that it might be my modem Cisco DPQ3212. I do have phone line (Basic one) paying ~$14/mo. If I go to your store, would they replace my Cisco DPQ3212. for "free" since I still have Cox's landline phone service?

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    I may have misled you on my original post.  I am not currently using a Cisco 3212. I have an Arris TM502G (DOCSIS 2.0).

    Cox is not able to provision my telephone service if I bought a cable modem with telephony/eMTA hardware? 


    I want to own my cable modem for both my Telephone and Internet service.

    If I need to upgrade my cable modem to DOCSIS 3.0, what are my options OTHER than the Cisco 3212 or the "Panoramic Wifi" cable modem from Cox?  Can I buy and own a Cox certified cable modem?  What about my voice service?  Am I provided a Cisco 3212 for free and used as a dedicated "modem" for my telephone service?

    Can you provide the make/model of the "Panoramic Wifi" cable modem?

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    If you are experiencing an issue with your cable modem, we can either setup an appointment to have a tech come out to check the service or you can take the equipment to the service center to have it replaced. If you want a tech out to check the service at your location, please send us an email to

  • Hello,

    The reason you cannot purchase a modem with both capabilities to support data and voice traffic and use it on our networks.  Is that we control the config to support the voice traffic, and currently we do not have availability to support all available retail models currently in market.  We do provide the modem for phone service free of charge for the accounts.  If you wish to obtain your own modem for use with internet.  You can openly purchase any retail modem from this list  Currently we do not provide panoramic modems for open purchase.  The current modem that we use for our Panoramic service is the Arris TG1682 cable modem.  Some more will be available at a later date, but currently this is the one we use.