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Certain expected emails not coming through

Hi!  I am expecting an email from a particular company, and it has not reached my email box.  I believe that it is getting spam-filtered by Cox's infrastructure.  I have checked my "junk email" folder, and it didn't arrive there.

The company has sent me the email four times, and none have made it through.  Other email to my Cox account appears to function normally.  The email is small, perhaps 2 KB, so it didn't get filtered by size.

When I sent a support email to this company, their support department's reply made it to my email box just fine, even though the missing automatically-generated emails "come from" the same address as this support department.

My best guess is that the content of the automatically-generated email matches some pattern in Cox's spam filtering.

What can I do about this?

Thanks <3

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  • What email program are you using? Cox Web Mail, Outlook, MAC Mail?
    Can the company's support department send you the email that you are waiting for?
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    Just to ask the obvious, what are your Spam Blocker settings?  You can check them by signing on to Classic Webmail and hitting Settings/Spam Blocker Settings.  If it's set to the first option "Delete incoming junk email automatically." that could be why it's not coming thru.  Set it to either of the other two options.

    If you have already checked this, sorry.  Please let us know either way, thanks.