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Cell phone signal drops internet connection


I have the weirdest issue here.

I have Cox internet 300mbs down- but it only works if there are no cell phones in the house. The internet is super fast, but when a cell phone is in the house the signal will go in and out. If the phones that are in the house are in Airplane mode the internet works perfectly- but as soon as you take them off airplane mode it will start to drop in and out.

If the phones are on the wifi and in airplane mode it works... just when there is a cell signal in the house. I have even tried using a modem that is a "modem only" with no router and just hardwire it to the PC- it's brand new, but when I turn my phone off airplane mode it cuts in and out.

I don't know what to do... this is such a weird issue that Cox has been out a few times and can't solve it. They have tried to clean the lines and we have replaced the modem 3 times- I just went out and got another one and it doesn't work. HELP! is there a setting that I am missing that will help with this? anyone have an idea? Thanks- I hope there is someone out there that can fix this.