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How long will it take before we get CBS back? I will have to leave COX if the problem is not resolved!

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    They just removed CBS last night in San Diego area, I been in cox customer for 20 years, I guess I need to switch to a different carrier. CBS is one of my favorite specially super bowl is coming this February, good luck COX!!!

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    cox did not remove it the local cbs broadcaster did they want cox to pay higher fees to carry a free signal this will effect all customers not just cox, but if you think satellite or centurylink if available in your doesn't have to do the same thing so put blame on the local affiliate

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    So once again it's CBS that has a fee increase. Cox Cable goes through this scenario a couple times a year now!

    I just had an increase in my bill, and you're taking away channel 8 because they want more money?!

    How about if you credit my bill for the hours/days channel 8 is not in my lineup??

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    The straw that broke the camel's back with cable came today.

    Holding customers hostage is not a good resolution tool for either party.

    It looks like it is time to cut the cord.  Spending a hundred dollars a month to put up with garbage like these disputes is ridiculous. 

    Antenna TV is, and will always be, free.  Government legislation has for once, worked in our favor. 

    I am heading out to Fry's for a HDTV antenna this weekend.  Or maybe I'll pick up a Kodi box, or a fire stick, or one of the hundred other options out there.  Maybe I'll get ALL of them, it will still be cheaper than my current cable bill.  There are just too many choices, most of them FREE or close to it, for consumers to choose from, rather than continue to put up with this kind of BS.  No one really cares whether COX or CBS is being unreasonable, we just want to watch a little TV in our free time. 

    CBS bye-bye.  I am not married to any of your programming, including sports. 

    Cox bye-bye.  I am tired of donating my hard earned money to you, only to have to deal with having to re-boot my box, lose stations, etc. 


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    Paying $150+ a month for just TV with no CBS is UNACCEPTABLE! This needs to be resolved ASAP or else myself and thousands of others will be saying bye...get this fixed COX.