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CAPPED DOWNLOADS... better sit down, this is going to be a rough one.

To the person that thought this was a good idea....

First off, you're capping me at 1024 gig download.  I was over last month at 103%.  Yeah..I am going to be over as I work from home.  I am not running a business, but I am providing network engineering for customers in our data centers.  I do a lot of image upgrades, as well as FTP/TFTP and VPN setups.  Most Nexus Images that I deal with are at 500 MB or greater.  I upgrade 2 images, and there is one gig...

So, there are all kinds of solutions, in other areas.  Yup..  Not in my area.  Reporting this to the BBB I received a reply from an uninformed idiot there at cox, that there are unlimited plans with 300 mbps download speed... YET, when talking to a sales person, they told me I was misinformed.

Now I get to be charged overages because someone can't put a plan together to support those that are going to go over their data usage.  If there is no solution, will Cox be so kind as to draft a letter to the people in my area to let us know how screwed we are?  

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