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Cap dropped to 1TB from 2TB on Ultimate Package

When are we going to be changed back to 2TB? We signed up under advertising that indicated we would be allowed 2TB. As you can see, that is no longer the case. And while I very rarely go over 2TB my average is usually 1.5TB anyway. I would love to see these stats that 5% of users don't use this much bandwidth. I have a hard time believing that when nearly 90% of users user internet streaming now. This is going to do nothing other than anger customers. Based on the $10/50GB charge that is apparently going to be implemented I now have to pay an additional $200 a month? Get real.

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  • Hi, we do not have any information currently about changing the data plan for Ultimate customers. Here is a link to a useful tool for managing your data usage: Data Usage Calculator and remember you can also login to your Cox account to view your data usage with the Data Usage Meter.
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    MichaelJ, I tried the usage calculator you linked to. It calculates HD streaming video at 2GB/hr. Netflix estimates their HD streaming service at 3GB/hr. Since streaming video is the primary usage for most customers, if Netflix is correct, the tool is underestimating data usage by 50%. That assumes HD video, the tool doesn't give an option for UHD which uses more than 2X the data of HD.