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Can't use Outlook or Apple Mail

I have called customer support 3 times since last Sunday, and the problem still isn't resolved.  I was told, there was a problem all over the country with people using third party software for their email such as Outlook and Apple Mail.  They said not everybody is affected and as of the middle of last week they still didn't have a resolution to the problem.  The third person, actually made out a report and informed me we were now registered in their system with the complaint.  This has been one week and we have heard nothing.  I can't even access my email from my phone, no matter where I am because it says invalid username or password.  If that's the case, why can I access my email accounts at Cox.

I have a business I am trying to run and this is a major inconvenience to me.

I realize I can still get my email but that's not the point, I want to be able to use Outlook or Apple mail which I've used for years.

We have been loyal customers for 33 years, we started with Dimension Cable which became Cox.  If this problem isn't resolved immediately, we are going to switch all our services to Direct TV.

Direct TV is less money and hopefully their customer service will not decline as Cox has, we currently pay $270 per month.

We will start checking for new service tomorrow.  As much as we hate to leave Cox, our patience has run out. 

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    What is the error you are getting?

    Have you tried resetting your password and trying the new one?

    Have you backed up your email, removed it, then re-added it to apple mail/outlook?