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Can't upload to Cloud from Android

I am unable to upload files to Cox Cloud Drive from my Android phone ( Samsung Galaxy S5) Error message stated that I "do not have updated version of Adobe Flash Player." That's because I don't have Adobe Flash Player at all, its no longer available for Android. I've tried to upload to cloud via Cloud Drive app and also by signing into Cloud Drive Via internet browser on phone. I have no computer only a laptop and Kindle Fire. Does this mean that I will have no access to upload to my Cloud? I've called technical support and they did everything they could to figure it out but to no avail. Also, in the Cloud Drive app I don't even have the option to uploader add files. The Prompt is not there

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    AFAIK, the Android Cloud Drive app will only access files on your cloud drive, not upload to it. I've never used it's a very old app, last updated 2, yes 2, years ago. Also, the few reviews posted are horrible. Can't you upload from your laptop? I wouldn't even attempt to use it with mobile devices. There are other cloud services, including google drive, which are much better on mobile and offer free options.

  • Android upload error,

    When signed in to the Cox Cloud Drive app on your Android device, try performing a press and hold action on the menu button (not the home button) at the bottom of your phone. **edit*  *According to what I found on the internet this can be accomplished by pressing and holding the multitasking (or app switcher) button on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Some other devices may differ, as on my Note 5 I need to press and hold the back button for the menu to appear.* Anyway, this should pop up the menu and give you the option to create a new folder or upload an item.

    Let me know how it goes.