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Can't transfer all email contact addresses!

When Cox transferred my email contacts to new platform, only the ones in Classic platform (5 addresses) were transferred and not the ones I had in the Enhanced platform (30-40 addresses). I called them and was told the enhanced version can't be accessed. So my contacts are LOST! I know they are stored somewhere in Cox's storage vault, but I can't retrieve them! I was told on an earlier support call that they would be transferred, not to worry. Apparently Cox migration to new platform couldn't or didn't bring all data from old platform. The new platform didn't allow for all the pertinent data to migrate from old. NOT A HAPPY SUBSCRIBER because I have to collect those contact emails again!!!!!

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    Hello @Jaypoo1916,

    We're sorry for the inconvenience and we would like to assist. Could you please send an email to with your account information, the email address that is missing the contacts, and the date that you noticed the contacts were missing. Please also include the URL for this forum thread in the email.