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can't send Cox SMTP email outside of continental US

I am currently in the Virgin Islands and my SMTP setup for Cox mail no longer works when sending emails for both my PC and phone. Incoming server works fine as does Webmail. I am getting the error message

"Unable to setup account. Unable to connect to server (535 5,7,0 relay denied)

is there any solution to this?

I think it may be that Cox has added additional security when coming from outside the US and I am not sure how to answer these additional security questions in SMPT mail

Thanks fo rany help here


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    Hi Kpanderson,

    Relay errors are caused by the SMTP server being used outside of the network without authentication. Here is what you want to use for the outgoing mail server information:

    Outgoing Mail Settings

    Server name:
    Port number: 587 with TLS enabled
    465 with SSL enabled and the authentication box checked, if available
    Use SSL / TLS - Yes
    Cox user name and password required

    I hope this information helps, here is a link to our website with more information on the email server settings -