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Can't Monitor Data Usage

I brag about you guys a lot. But enough is enough. Why can't I see which account is using the most data? That's completely stupid. I had Cox for months now, and my usage has always been under 50%. Now all of a sudden, one day I use 339GB of data, and I can't see what device is using the most. I had an ASUS router which could break down the device, but the "top of the line" modem/router cannot do that? This is just dumb. Then one logging in to the modem, there are no logs. Any technical person knows that logs are the first thing you look for. As a "leader" in the digital age, I would imagine that you guys will check logs constantly, but if your PAYING consumers can't, then what's the point? The reason I stopped using my router was because it was getting hot, so I switch to the combo router, but it seems I must go back to the ASUS router and track my data. One of my devices could have went rouge, and I would not know. I'm in IT, so the first thing I check is logs, and since your phone technicians couldn't tell me the "password of the day" I am completely dissatisfied. All I was told is "change your password." IT'S THE DEFAULT PASSWORD ON THE MODEM! If no one else has access to my house then no one should be able to crack a WPA2 password...unless the modem is vulnerable. So please, get this fix, add this feature. It's no used to seeing if a device is connected, I can't do anything about it, BECAUSE YOU CAN'T BLOCK THE CONNECTION!!! If I change my password, then I have to change everything, and that's a completely hassle.

I do NOT want a credit, I just want to know which device is using data so I can check on it. Because how can I trust YOUR amount, when you can’t PROVE that I used this amount? I’m just so frustrated. I pay $100 a month for the top tier service, and I get treated like I don’t matter. 

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