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Can't log on Enhanced Webmail

I often can't log on Enhanced webmail. I have also cleared history. I've tried on 2 different browsers. I WISH Cox would only have one version of webmail.  It makes no sense why there are 2 versions. I use Classic mostly because it's easier to read the list of emails. When I want to forward one with photos I have to log out and try to log on Enhanced so I can forward. It's frustrating!!  Especially when I can't even get into Enhanced.

Any suggestions on how to get Enhanced? Thank you

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    First, why would you NOT want a choice? Having the enhanced option isn't causing your problem. Your problem is with two plugins in your browser; first Java for the applet needed for writing HTML, and now the flash applet that enhanced version uses. Cox gives people the choice so if you prefer using flash over Java (less secure), you can. If you want to try to troubleshoot Flash, see here, or if you want to troubleshoot Java, see here. If you use Chrome, Java will no longer work.

    If you don't want to troubleshoot either, use a email program like Thunderbird instead.