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Can't find new eps of show in Search but can on Guide

Hi Cox,

I can't find new episodes of the Big Bang Theory (scheduled to premiere on Sep 19 at 8 pm on CBS) when I search for it by title.  I can find all the repeated eps on TBS and CW.  I'm trying to set up a series recording.

I can find it on the Guide and I set up a series recording that way.

I'm just wondering why it doesn't show up when I search.

I also couldn't find Brooklyn 99 or Empire. 

I have a Contour record 6 DVR.  It is set to power save mode.  I have to turn the box on when I get home in the evening.  Should I take it out of power save mode?

Thanks for any help,


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  • Hi Chris K.,

    Here is some helpful information on how to schedule individual and series recordings with the Contour 2.