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Can't find my GMX9865 on Cox' Identifying Your Cox Digital Receiver webpage

Unless it's listed under a different manufacturer/model number on this Cox page (, the main DVR device we currently have installed (according to ) , a GMX9865, either fell between the cracks or is so new that Cox hasn't had the time to list it.

While it continues to function as per designed and installed (with the exception of having on occasion to repeat a command on the remote - line of sight?), I'm curious as to why it's not to be found on the above Cox Receiver reference page.

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  • Hi, check the listing about 2/3 down the page: Cisco Explorer 9865HDC Contour / Contour 2 High Definition / DVR
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    Yes. Now I see it. Thanks.

    I remember previously visiting a Cox page that had front/back panel visuals and noticed that mine wasn't represented on that page.

    Now that I've found it (thanks again, Michaelj),  how come it's not a hyperlink? 

  • It is not a hyperlink because there is no other information/article to link out to.