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Can't download cox security suite


I'm having trouble downloading Cox security suite through Mcafee. When attempting to download it gives a prompt saying system error occurred please try again. I currently have no security program installed an have been trying to access security suite for a week to no avail. Any help is appreciated.

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    Forget about Cox security suite and download AVAST, it's free and, IMHO, much better.

  • Hi Twdavis89,

    Are you trying to download the Cox Security Suite from the McAfee website, or from Follow the steps at At what point in these steps do you get the error?

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    Becky, I encounter it when I go to click on the link that leads to the download from the instructions you sent me. (this one,

  • Hi Twdavis89,

    When I've encountered this issue in the past, it was related to User ID synchronization issues, such as not using the Primary User ID. Are you sure that you are logging in with the Cox Primary User ID for your account?