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Can't access webmail on my iPad mini

Starting a new thread on this disaster of a new webmail app suite (sounds fancy doesn't it?  About $5 more a month fancy!) because I think this is a separate problem.

while I was out last night enjoying a glass of wine & the company of friends, our main email address got "migrated." In other words screwed up! I had several issues discussed in other threads, but the main problem is that I cannot get into webmail from my iPad mini. Period. And yet I read it was compatible with Apple?

had a long frustrating conversation with cox techs last nigh and they were clueless. They'd been given no info from this alleged "communications" company and someone from "the team" is going to call me.

and it might snow at Christmas this year!

Problem is, I am traveling soon and that's how I manage my email on the road. 

Am I to pack up my win7 desktop and take with?

am I the only one?

  • problem resolved!!  by apple.

    sonehow i accidentally put my safari browser into "private." i do this with my windows browsers with no problem.  i didn't even know i COULD with safari.  but i did.

    as soon as the "genius" put it back to normal, i was able to log in AND connect.  this is apparently a compatibility issue that cox might want to address in the future, but i'm back to normal now.

    chris, i know you're trying to help, but honestly...i don't understand much of what you're trying to say. i do not want all email left on the server, but i do not want it all gone either.  i try to keep the last correspondence from my contacts on the server in case i lose it in my email client via crash or other catastrophe.  what i do may seem clumsy to a tech, but it makes sense to me and works for me.

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    Why use webmail versus the native iPad mail client?

    Personally I use the native iOS email client on two iPhones and an iPad 4. In my case I use IMAP versus POP so I can fully sync email between those devices and two Windows 10 computers. 

    To add I have no issues using the new webmail on the iPad 4 on occasion using the iOS Safari browser  

  • Hi Socal,

    Can you describe what happens when you try to access Cox Webmail on your iPad Mini? Are you able to log into Do you get any errors when trying to access your Inbox?

    Is this issue affecting your account, your account, your account, or all three?

  • becky,

    i get to or .com, whichever...

    and it allows me to log in.  then it's ... ... ... ... which i'd say is the new spinning wheel of death.  it won't connect & load.

    i had to check for your other question, as i never try the others. but yes, it's the same for all 3. 

  • sooneral,

    i tried using the ipad email client but when i discovered that i had to delete mail one mail at a time i abandoned it.i currently have 746 very old emails residing on my mini that need to be deleted individually.  my mini is a 1st gen so i don't know if that's still true, and i don't know exactly what browser i have here.

    but i will read your links and see if there's anything there i didn't know.

    thanks for the feedback.

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    @socal transplant

    You can also try this link Let us know if this helps.

  • jonathon, this is NOT an apple computer.  it's a tablet. it says i'm on IOS 9.3.5 and that my software is up to date.  the tablet doesn't have named versions like el capitain. there is nowhere for me to choose settings. i'm using internet (safari web browser) to access webmail. i'm not using apple's mail client, for reasons i relayed above.

    and apple didn't change anything COX DID!

  • sooneral

    i had already set up my cox account on my pad, but i followed the second link & some of the settings were different. (and i have always been POP) so i tried to change settings and they won't take & i get error messages. 

    any other suggestions? how do YOU delete emails? can you group them or "delete all?"

  • becky, 

    trying to get ahead of you cox people i thought this info might help.

    i have NO problem accessing webmail at any address on my windows7 desktop. my husband has no problem on his windows 10 laptop or his android tablet.

    this is totally an apple compatibility related issue. please find some people who know apple there....both jonathon and the techs i talked to sunday night asked the dumbest questions.  have i updated my operating system to el capitain? just this minute!?  what browser am i using...uh, safari? it's not like i had a choice on either of these things.

    so to's not my router, it's not my modem, it's not my software, it's not that my device is going bad (recently, i had a tech named stephanie...hum...on the phone one night actually trying to get me to believe that all 4 of our devices of different makes and ages were going bad at the same time!)'s a cox created issue & cox needs to tell me how to fix it.

    hope to hear from you soon. 

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    @socal transplant

    Webmail was designed primarily with desktop browser's in mind as how most mobile devices have a mail app of some sort eliminating the necessity for this kind of compatibility. SonnerAl's suggestions are probably the best approach to take although I'd recommend IMAP if you want a consistent view of your email across all devices. If you're primary concern is being able to delete multiple messages at once the following article might apply in your situation:

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    One thing to try is to clear the saved website data and history in Safari then try webmail again...

    Go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data

    Good luck...