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Cannot sign in to Google Chrome

Error code: ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED-OR  ERR_Server Closed Connection unexpectedly'

Theses are the messages I receive when trying to access Chrome. Have Win8, IE10, Google @ default search, and never had a problem til a few days ago-(other than alternating speed on my "Cox Hi-Speed Internet Connection?". No changes have been made. Odd thing is that all my BM, Faves, etc. still there-but I cannot sign in to either make changes or access my gmail. Anyone here have ANY ideas as to what I can do? I am definitely NOT an computer geek-I know how to get where I need to be-the tech aspects are in a different language.Any/all suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance !

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    Is it when you just open Chrome? Is it trying to sign into the gmail website? Or sign into the Chrome browser itself?

    Can you get online and sign into gmail normally on other browsers? Internet Explorer?

    Last, if all else fails, try uninstalling Chrome and reinstalling. Since Chrome updates automatically, there might have been something that is conflicting with one of your plugins. For more info see 

  • Hi-Thanks for your reply. I have indeed tried all your suggestions-and a few more. I click on the Chrome icon and my homepage appears, but when I attempt to sign in-on the right side- I get the messages/errors I posted. I cannot  access the Chrome site. Yet all my bookmarks, Favorites (from IE) and the bookmark bar is shown. I can access my gmail using  IE browser, but even there I think my gmail is  being blocked .Perhaps there is a certificate problem with my Kaspersky account, but since I'm not certain, I don't wish to monkey around in registries and their like. I'd do more harm than good! Whatever the problem may be,  I am not receiving the mail I should be getting.

    I cannot sign in to the Chrome browser-as you said, it is automatically updated and says all is fine; I can check/change settings, etc. on Chrome, but no access to Web Store or the Chrome Help site-except via IE browser. I continue to receive the message that webpage moved, changed address, or server has closed connection. I cannot display the omnibox-so can't sync these settings with my Android tablet.I am unable to access Google search OR gmail  using the Chrome browser.

    Sorry if I rambled-I am not particularly computer proficient-as I said, I (sorta) know how to get where I need to go-but as far as the technical (to me) terms, I'm ignorant. I try..

    I'll certainly look at the links you provided-and will let you know if any worked. Again, thank you for taking the time to try to help. I truly appreciate it. Have a god start to the new work week ! Regards.