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Cannot get Outlook 2010 to access email

I have set up Microsoft Outlook 2010 to access Cox email via POP on dozens of systems in the past and find that I no longer can.  I have researched the following Cox links which detail exactly how to set it up but it doesn't work.  Any suggestions?  I am the primary account holder, can log into the Cox system and can also check my email via the web so I know the user name and password is correct.  I have also used the online chat and they were not able to assist me.  Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Dberez,

    Are you receiving an error when trying to set it up?  What steps are you taking when setting up your Cox account and what settings are you entering?

  • Got the same problem.   The SMTP and PORT numbers are correct, but then it ask for a Password, with my email as my User ID. My email address is not my user id. I've tried changing the email to the correct user id and password  and just using the password with the email address. Neither works