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Cannot connect new Mac Time Capsule

I recently purchased a new Mac Time Capsule (a 2TB tower style) to use for both wifi and to backup my 2015 MacBook Pro to replace an identical Time Capsule that stopped backing up a few weeks ago. I have been totally unable to set up my new time Capsule; it simply WILL NOT connect; my Mac cannot find/recognize it, and the light flashes amber (in troubleshooting mode.)

I have a Netgear DOCSIS 3.0 Wireless Cable Gateway, C6300BD.

I recently downloaded the Macafee Virus Protection from Cox. I'm wondering is this could be blocking anything in the setup?

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    Hello kbaz123,

    That should not stop you from having wireless connection. Are you able to complete the connection to the router but not access the internet? Do you have any ethernet ports that you can test using a computer? That would let us know if you're getting internet signal or not.