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Cannot Access Pay Bill portion of website on a particular PC using Chrome.

I have an issue that only seems to affect Google Chrome for some reason. Whenever I login to the site and try to click on pay bill, it will kick me out of my login session and bring me back to the login page. I do notice sometimes upon login, I get a odd error that states the website has redirected too many times or the webpage cannot be found. I have done the following things to troubleshoot. Any ideas? I need this to work on Chrome, since it is my most secure browser I use. 

I have... 

-Flushed my DNS

-Renewed my IP

-Disabled my Antivirus (SEP SBE)

-Cleared out the cache for Chrome

-Reset Chrome

-Re-installed chrome

-Conducted a disk cleanup focusing on Temp files

-Made an exception using Trend Micro that indicates* which will allow all traffic for that domain.

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  • Hi Excal326,

    It's possible that your User ID needs to be refreshed. Have you tried resetting your password? Go to Instead of signing in, click on the "Forgot User ID/Password?" link and go through the steps to change your current password to something new. Please let us know if you still get kicked back to the login page when trying to pay your bill.