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Cannot access my email from a hotel

When I traveled to Marlborough, MA I stayed at a Best Western hotel. I got internet connection and I got to the login page of However, when I entered my email address and password, I always got an error saying that I exceeded my invalid login attempts and have to change my password. Obviously this was no true, because my wife back in California could log in, and I was also able to log into my email from any OTHER place in Marlborough (and Boston). I tried multiple times (I know I did not mistype my password, and also tried I also not only check the secure connection lock icon, but go deeper and check the certificate chain - just to make sure I am talking to the real Cox site.) In the past I saw places that completely blocked (and like one hotel in Paris. But this time I saw the login page just could not get through. Anybody knows why this could happen? Any possible work-around? I am going back to the same place in April and July, so I really would like to be able to read my emails from my hotel room. Any help will be appreciated, a traveler

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  • MarlboroughTraveler

    The issue may be that you're added the "West" in the web address. You don't need to add the West anymore. You should be able to go to:, log right in with username and password and view your email. If you're getting the message that says: Too many log invalid login attempts, please try later on the first attempt, you may want to try and clear cookies and cache before making another login attempt. Are you using any mail programs that pull in the email or are you typically going directly to the Cox website to get your mail?

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