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Cannot change the Font within my CONTOUR 2 GUIDE!!!!

As a new Contour Box User I have learned that my Box is called Contour 2; but that there once was something then known as just Contour. When I could not change the Font on our Contour 2 Guide so that the Chief of Staff  who is 72 could read the Guide I found myself in very deep trouble.

My search of the web has determined that the original Contour Box had a User Guide on line that helped old fogies like me get things done such as change the Font to the GUIDE.

The Chief of Staff has bad eyes; but even with 20/20 contact lens she cannot read the User Guide on her 42" Sony HD TV and I also can't read the Guide unless I am much closer to the TV.  The Chief of Staff sits on a couch at a safe and very practical distance from the TV in the Living Room of our home. She could easily read the Guide on the old DVR that COX provided; but she cannot read the Guide on the new Contour 2 Guide.  No Doubt there are literally thousands of others who are having the same difficulty.

Even younger people have a segment with bad eyesight and us older people really have a problem with vision and with reading the Guide from a reasonable distance from the TV.

PLEASE CORRECT THIS "short sighted" omission ASAP or COX will have literally hundreds if not thousands eventually complaining about the same issue with many going back to the old DVR or switching to Direct TV.. 

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    sc vet,

    The option to change the font is not a feature of Contour 2 at this time. You can change the contrast of the black screen. Some people have found that this helps read the guide better. You can find the contrast option under Settings>Preferences>General>Background Darkness Level.

  • The idea that you can just change the back ground darker is ridiculous and a very poor answer for anyone. The issue with the guide and the font it contains is ridiculous! Those tiny skinny white fonts with a black back ground is a poor choice for visual aid! I would love to know who formatted this. There is no way it was a Marketing or Graphics professional as they would have done their research before installing it on a program. I am not an old person, I wear glasses for only a small correction and I cannot read the guide. This is very frustrating. The older Contour had the option to change font...... Why would you change a feature that allows people to SEE what they are looking for. I have absolutely no use for a product I cannot use as advertised. If this is not something that is going to be corrected with all of the many people having this issue, I prefer to take my business somewhere else. Terry
  • Being able to adjust the size of the Guide text in Contour 2 is a feature we hope will be available in a future update.

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