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Cancel a pay channel

Is there a way to cancel a pay channel online?

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    Hi Ross229,

    There are not any options to remove services online at this time. We're happy to assist. Please email our team at with the account details such as full name, service address, the last four of your SSN, and the issue.

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    So, did you get that, Ross?  This is not a customer-based company.  This is a corporate-based company and they are there to serve the Cox higher-ups, not the customer.  Please feel free to UPGRADE or ADD services!

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    Hi Chrishop,

    It was not our intention to come off that way, only to offer the customer an alternative where the other option fell short. The online option does not yet account for contracts of promotions that may otherwise result in early termination, without review by a human eye. We are sure this will change in the future. Right now assistance from an employee proves most effective. 

    Erica W.
    -Cox Support Forums Moderator

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    Chris that is uncalled for.  Cox currently has no online way for account changes except for adding channels/services. or changing modems.