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Can you send both internet and TV service through once COAX cable?

Hey there, 

I live in a townhouse/condo, and I only seem to have one functional Coax input in my house. Currently it's being used for internet, however I'd like to finally set up my Contour box (After 8 months of being without ...), and I'm unsure if both cable and internet will run off of one signal. 

I can't seem to find any answers anywhere. Any help? 

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    Yes, that one cable is all you need.  It can not only connect you to the Internet but also provide cable TV and digital telephone.  It's not "one signal" but a bunch of signals modulated onto one cable.

    You can go to a Cox Solution store to sign up for cable TV.  You should research which TV package you want beforehand or else they'll over sell you with promotional offers, paks and gimmicks.  Promotions are cheap now...costly later.  Paks are movie paks, variety paks, sports and information paks, Latino paks, etc.  Would you really need to record anything?

    After you choose your package (not "pak"), they'll give you a cable box.  Hopefully they'll also give you a Connect Kit to connect everything together.  Your one functional coax cable will now need to connect two devices:  your Internet modem and cable box.

    You'll need 1 segment of cable to connect from your wall outlet to the splitter IN.  The splitter will have at least two outputs.  You'll need a 2nd segment of cable to connect from a splitter OUT to your Internet modem...or you could use your current segment.  You'll need a 3rd segment from a splitter OUT to your cable box.  Basically, you'll need 1 splitter and 3 segments...and one cable box.

    That should be it.  You'll initially boot your cable box and done.

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    Thank you very much! I appreciate your thorough response. I have a tech coming out tomorrow because my cable isn't working in another outlet in my home, and ideally, I'd like the cable and internet to all be in the same room, so we'll have to figure it out. 

    Have a great holiday!