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Can not connect to email server

iPad and Windows Live Mail on my PC will not connect to the Cox server.  Cox says my settings are correct.  Tier 2 support will not answer in Phoenix.

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    I'm getting an error message "connection to server has failed."  This went on for months 2 years ago.  Calling Cox was useless as usual. 

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    I have been unable to access our e-mail since 2:00 p.m. December 6, 2016.....anyone else having this problem?

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    Same issue here. Mail server keeps timing out on multiple devices. Multiple tracert revealed the hangup just after connecting to (which appears to be near Wichita, Kansas). Hope this helps speed things up.

  • We are aware of an email issue impacting our west coast servers. Our engineers are working to have this corrected as soon as possible.

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