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Can it really be this difficult?

3 days ago I jumped back on the TV bandwagon, because streaming was going to cost me. 2 days ago I received what I believed (after being told so) was the Contour 2 set up. NOPE. Lied to. Again.

So today I received what I believed to be the replacement for the first mistake. a Contour 2 and the client for the 2nd room. NOPE, so how much more time must I devote to a company that had really made this NO FUN at all. Its a constant. Always a different answer, no matter who you speak to.

WHO DO I need speak to to get what I want?

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    We would like to check into the issue you are having with getting your service setup. Would you send us an email to Please include your full name & the address so we can research your issue. We would like to get this taken care of for you as quickly as possible.