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Can I reset Cox email format to the old format?

The new email screen display format is terrible. What were you thinking? It's big and clunky. When I try to mark junk for deletion, a check mark appears on emails I wish to keep.  Can I revert to the old format?  The new one is AWFUL. Please help!!!

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  • Hi paulbbb, there is no option to revert back to the previous email format. I forwarded your comments about the display to our email development team.
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    What has happened to the COX email service? I have been locked out of my account now for several weeks. I use this for business and have lost hundreds of dollars due to this. If it was an COX ordered update please return it back to the way it was. It was working just fine. customer Ted M.
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    We can look into the issues you're having with your email address. Are you able to send us a message at using an alternate email address with the account information? We can help get this corrected.