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Can I Move Multiple Emails to a New Account En Mass?

I have created a new email address on to circumvent another of my email addresses, also on, that has been hijacked.  I want to move all my important emails, from the hijacked email address, to the new email address.  Does anyone know if there is a way to do that, en mass?  Forwarding one email at a time, to the new address, would be daunting and tedious. 
Thanks in advance.


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    No process exists to directly accomplish such a task however there is a workaround you can do to manually accomplish something similar using an IMAP client. Basically you could use an email program such as Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, etc. to setup both the old and new accounts using iMAP which would then let you drag/drop the items you want to move from one account to the other.

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    This sounds a bit out-of-my-experience there a step-by-step I can follow?


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    I don't think there's a step-by-step tutorial to do this exact thing.  Are you using Windows, Linux, a MAC or an Android or iOS device?  If you are using one of the first 3, you can install Thunderbird, download it from here and install.

    - Add both the old and new e-mail accounts to Thunderbird as imap ... see here.  You must go thru setup for each account.
    - Create a receiving folder in the new account (right click on account name on the left side of window & select create new folder.
    - Select the folder to be copied from the old account.
    - Use Ctrl A to select all messages in the source folder and copy.
    - Paste them into the receiving folder.
    - Repeat for each folder to be copied.

    That should do it.