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Can i downgrade from Preferred 100

So we recently canceled our cable after 20 years, because frankly, out of 250 channels we were watching 2. However, my bill didn't change much, for internet alone we now pay 90 bucks which is absolutely insane! Currently have Preferred 100, and i was wondering if i could downgrade to something cheaper. 

As for streaming, we have Amazon prime, and we do watch a movie a day, also we stream relaxation and yoga videos on Youtube during the day, as well. Currently we average about 11 Gb per day.

I run Cox Speed advisor and it seems to think that we can do fine with Essential package which is much cheaper than what we have. Does anyone have any advice regarding this?


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    We can downgrade your internet package if you like and if you find the new speed isn’t sufficient you can always go back to the preferred 100. f you like to proceed please email full address and primary name on the account.