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Can I attach a router to my wifi phone modem

I had problems with my home security system and the tech who fixed it suggested I get a router so I can program it to give my alarm system a stronger signal. I have a wireless modem that I also plug my home phone into. Can I plug a router into this modem? If yes, can I program it to give my alarm system a stronger signal? 

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    @Mr. Vee

    If you're using a wireless gateway modem adding a router would not be supported and can cause performance problems in many cases. The ideal solution if you sill wish to try your own router would be to replace the wireless gateway with a stand-alone cable modem. If you have phone service with us we have modems that also support the phone line that are available for free rental so long as you maintain active phone service.

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    In addition to what Chris posted, you can't specifically program a home router to give any device, or alarm system, a stronger signal.  Some routers allow you to adjust the power output it total, but not to specific devices.  Some routers also employ a technology know as beamforming which allows the router transmission to be directed towards the clients.  This may give you better reception.  The Netgear Nighthawk routers do employ beamforming and have the best range of any home router I've used.