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Can Cox Put "Decades" channel on the lineup, please?

"Decades" is the CBS-owned sub channel that is absolutely fabulous!  The Ed Sullivan Show, The *** Cavett Show, Laugh-In and great documentaries.  It is seen in Cleveland over low power TV station WQDI-LD, which broadcasts from downtown Cleveland.  However, the off-air signal does not reach my area, but I am sure can be picked up at your Parma location and put on the cable for the rest of us..  Please, is there any way that you can add this channel?

Here is the link to WQDI-LD:

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    Hi pinetree51,

    We can submit a channel request to our programming team on your behalf. Please send us an email with your account details to Be sure to reference this post.

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    if it's a sub channel of a local network affiliate cox and the network would have come to an agreement.